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A FILLY FOR LAURA by A. Hotter – my review no.1

on 19/01/2015


A Filly for Laura by Ashley Hotter is a lovely story to read to your children, or students if you are an educator. The content is delivered in a gentle tone, with charming, old-school illustrations which children still welcome wholeheartedly, despite being bombarded by media and gadgets. The main character is a foster girl, still unwillingly adapting to her new family, the horse farm she now lives on, and battling feelings of loss and loneliness. She overcomes this by being given the opportunity to care for a newborn foal, and this is my absolute favourite part of the story. Although pity and compassion would naturally drive us into pampering and over-protecting a foster child, that would not really do her any good in the long run. Instead, she is given responsibility and a purpose to protect and care for a gentle, loving foal, and she does. Her final rewards are all well-deserved – being and feeling accepted in her new family, getting the foal as her own, and finding her own strength and confidence again. A beautiful message, for both adults and children!

Anita Kovacevic


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