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THE LOST HEIRS by A. M. Soley – my review no.3

on 23/01/2015


Every time I read a good fantasy or crime piece of fiction, I am in awe of the author’s attention to detail, the intricacies of the word webs they spin and the time and effort they put into making it all credible and lovable. The Lost Heirs was not different from that.

At first, I have to say, it took me a while to dive deep into the story, missing some descriptions and emotional explanations I had expected after reading an adult novel just before that, but The Lost Heirs is a book for adventurous teenagers and all those who like to feel that way and like to drown themselves in fantasy worlds. The interesting thing was my overthinking brain got lost in the historical details of the world at first, until the moment my teenage son asked me what I was reading. As soon as I started explaining the plot, his eyes lit up like fireflies, envying my level of English and being able to read the book. I just know he’d love a book like this! So I told myself to relax, enjoy the ride and just have fun. And, oh, how much fun I had! By chapter five I was hooked – completely and utterly! I mean, really – travelling to another dimension, another planet?!? Who wouldn’t like that? 

The wonderful characters, especially the four friends (still cannot decide who is my favourite), have been created with so much love, humour and understanding that they reminded me of some of my students. The fantasy world itself has been created in such detail that you can actually see their gadgets clicking, feel pets purring, smell the wonderful food, admire the detailed clothing items, and not to mention the fantastic idea of powering the fantasy planet (yes, it’s a planet!) by using natural resources without destroying them (talk about a lesson for us humans to learn). I particularly love the way the author pays attention to the use of herbs (the translation plant is something that made me go oh gosh… if only…). The clash of cultures is wonderfully explained as children from earth meet their alien counterparts, and with such love and a great sense of humour, too (Eric has no idea how to explain central heating – one of my favourite scenes;). 
The author just draws you into the adventure, and I can easily picture this book (and its sequels) as movies or even a TV-series, knowing how much teenagers enjoy Narnia, Dinotopia, Percy Jackson, etc. The pace of action packed sections, funny scenes (there are hillarious moments you will absolutely love) and calming paragraphs is just perfect, giving you just enough time to breathe, but no chance of getting bored.
However, two things about this book I admire the most. Despite the fantastic elements and fantasy surroundings, the author never forgets to talk about her characters’ families, and leading us gently toward understanding better how much families form our personalities, regardless of the planet we’re from. Another thing refers to my favourite part of the book (spoiler alert ahead!) – travelling in time to 1927!!! The author takes the characters into their own school, back in time, forced to learn and accept the customs to save their own lives and help their friends, which they do, because children always sacrifice themselves selflessly for friends and don’t we all know it! That part of the book is so educational, and so well-fitted into the story that there is not a moment in which it seems forced or fake in any way. even the characters from that era are depicted with attention to every detail.

Overall, I absolutely recommend this read to teenagers and fantasy fans, or any adult willing to venture out of their comfort-zone genre, and simply have fun, feeling as daring and reckless and brave as they did back in their teenage years!

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