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WHEN DARKNESS BREAKS by Traci Sanders – my review no.4

on 24/01/2015


When Darkness breaks is not a typical read I would pick up, but it is definitely a good idea to challenge oneself to read outside one’s predictable reading niche.
The story deals with a typical modern marriage, although the characters face more than the common falling into a rut and getting estranged from one another.
The author tackles middle aged crisis, marital stagnation instigated by lack of communication, the usual whatifs and couldhaves in career choices, taking the time we have for granted, miscommunication of family members and friends, marital betrayal, lack of emotional and physical intimacy, and reaching a point in life when you realize you have not become what you had hoped for, nor is your life anything like you dreamed it would be.
Underneath it all, underneath all those sadly everyday problems so many families and marriages go through, lies an extra secret – a horrible tragedy which started the whole problem, and justifies the characters’ decisions to a certain degree, as none of us truly know what we would have done in such a situation. The author lovingly explains each characters’ point of view, never judging or taking sides, which is quite difficult to do, and manages to tell the story in a calm and even tone, not succumbing to the need to overdramatize, add unnecessary spectacular elements or force the reader into an opinion. This being the authors’ first adult piece of writing, it will be interesting to see how she develops her style further, with more confidence and perhaps ventures into new genres as well.
The author is romantic, believes in forgiveness and redemption and provides them for her characters mercifully, stressing how frail our lives are, how fleeting time is and how important honesty is in human relations. Through all this, as depressing as these problems may sound, the author manages to keep a positive attitude, so the read is not ‘heavy’ at all, and she guides her characters to a hopeful ending. I would recommend this story to anyone interested in stories about marriage and family, looking for optimistic solutions and guidance to a fresh start.

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