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KILLER HEADACHE – story flash 

on 29/01/2015

Her stilettoes slid off her tired feet in the blur of a tumultous migraine. She screamed inside her brain, not letting out a peep. The noise would have been a blade poking at her eyes. The meeting had taken its usual course, work amounting on top of work, and flashes of her notes, the voice of her boss demanding more action and a rising hum filled her mind, all jumbled like a distorted TV image. The pain was excruciating and she felt as if someone had taken a spoon to dig out her left eye and push in the right.
She stumbled to the bathroom and latched on to the basin like life-rope. Icy water on her temples and neck disolved nothing but the remaining traces of her will power. Dragging her body to the bed and falling face flat into her pillow, she wailed unconsciously to silence the tinnitus which reigned in her ears.  Luckily, the dark curtains had been drawn. Light would flay her skin. She wished her migraine were a real person; she could think of a thousand ways she could punch, stab or torture it to avenge all these painful, mind-numbing moments. Despite all suggested remedies, her migraine visited her more and more often, unvinvited, unwanted, merciless. Throbbing drums bashed in her brain and she lost consciousness. 

Such peace! Complete silence! And power! She rose to her feet and felt… lighter than ever. She was  neither cold nor hot. Clothes felt scratchy. As she rose and took a deep breath, her exhale disolved her clothes into a pile of silvery dust on the floor. Her skin was flaky yet elegant, like silver dragon scales covering her from head to toe. She felt sleek and sexy, and mischief sparkled on her lips.
She walked quietly, like a cat, and entered the bathroom. The mirror was waiting, eager to see her.    
She approached it. Her eyes gained several colours all at once and her smile was happy. She glided her scaly hand over her hairless, crest-crowned head. No fear, no shock. She felt herself. At last.  
She stroked the reflection of her cheek, and her fingers blended into the mirror as if it were made of liquid. She tilted her head, curious. She wondered… She turned around and walked, calmly and steadily, through the walls of her house. They felt like mere ocean waves, carressing her silvery silhouette. Interesting.  
She walked into the night, ready to take on the world.


Anita Kovacevic

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