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on 30/01/2015

You will never believe the kind of day I had yesterday. I wouldn’t wish it on my boss, and I really don’t like my boss. It started out horribly, but at the end of the day, when I sat down to retell it to my friend, we actually had quite a few laughs at my expense. Here’s what happened…

My alarm clock sounded at 05:10, because I had something to do for work on the other side of the town, and had to catch an early train. I was so terribly sleepy that I put on two different shoes, and I wore my vest over my shirt, and my trousers over my bottom pyjamas. Needless to say I washed my face with ice-cold water, brushed my teeth with hair mousse, and styled my hair with tooth-paste. Goes without saying that I forgot to eat breakfast, so I only bought a hot dog from a street vendor (who looked at me as if I was crazy) before jumping on to the first train I saw, and naturally – the hot dog ended right under the tracks, the mustard in my hand and all over the conducter whom I bumped into before managing to grab a seat. When I looked out of the window, I was shocked at how dark it still was. Wasn’t it supposed to be getting daylight by now?

Anyway, I came to our branching firm only to find the door ridiculously closed, and I knew it wasn’t Sunday or Christmas, so I became really furious. Nobody’s going to mess with my early morning naps!!! I called up my boss (who had sent me on this mission), and got the most horrible yelling lesson from him for waking him up at – get this – 4 a.m…. When he hung up and I thanked my lucky stars I still had my job. I stopped for a second, still hung up on his time frame. I looked around, checked the clock on my cell phone, and realised my alarm clock must have been turned up-side down. I had actually woken up at 01:50 at night!!!!! Serves me right for not dusting now and then to notice such things… I sat down on a bench in front of the office building and noticed the way I looked in the glass walls. Not much could be done about it now, since there were no trains in the world that could get me home and back in time, and I wasn’t going to fail this mission, especially after giving my boss that wake-up call. So I fixed what could be fixed, and dozed off waiting for the proper time…

But my ridiculous adventure didn’t end there. Oh no! It was too early in the day. A police stick woke me up poking my shoulder….


(Feel free to finish any way you want. Keep it funny though. It is Friday;)

Anita Kovacevic


One response to “THE DAY WHEN EVERYTHING WENT BADLY – story flash

  1. Roberto says:

    Hehehe very funny…


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