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on 04/02/2015

Beneath the sands of time,
Buried and burdened and heavy,
Lay my anger, my frustration and my fear.
Humming like a mean dragon,
Allienated in his cave,
Hiding, but here, ready to charge.
He listens and awaits
His dreadful cue,
Breathing deeply, eyes open, claws ready on the ground.

Silence draws him to the entrance,
Curiosity conquers fear.
He peeks outside.
Sunlight melts away his frustration,
Like water colors  washed away.
He steps out, claws drawn in.
The smell of spring fills his nostrils.
Anger conquered in a puff.
He shakes off the sands of time from his wings,  spreads them and soars.


Anita Kovacevic

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