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on 06/02/2015

As the city sleeps and dreams,
All is calm, or so it seems.
Moonlit windows start to glow.
Forget all you think you know.
Twisty shadows on a prowl,
Distant dogs that snarl and growl,
Owls howling, ghouls at large,
As the Night Queen takes her charge.
May your breath lose all its sound,
Your soul to body remain bound,
Else you’ll fly and disappear
To night’s realm of blood and fear.
But to creatures of this time,
Now’s the time for fun and rhyme.
For the Night Queen gives a ball,
Dims the stars with clouds and all,
All that’s normal in daylight
Is, to us, a monstrous sight.
What we think is scary, is it?
Let us stop and kindly visit.
As the guests arrive from gloom,
Spirits from each wall and room,
The Night Queen has eyes for one,
One that gets her soul undone.
If she plays her cards just right,
He may glow in all his might.
She surrounds him gently now,
Sets the scene and takes a bow,
As her king, her love, her knight
Comes full circle with his light.
The two lovers share their joy
To others eerie, to each other coy,
As her blackness brightens his spark,
And his light, it keeps her dark.
Never has there been before
A pair of lovers in love more,
As they dance their waltz in two,
Knowing soon they’ll both be blue.
As all lovers who wish to last,
Their love, too, is overcast,
Bound by age-long compromise
To split as the Sun opens her eyes.
The Sun and Day they have their story,
Just as loving in its glory.
From Moon and Night humans should learn
How to be patient while you yearn,
And not fear what we can’t comprehend,
But love as you can, and bear what you can’t mend.


Anita Kovacevic


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