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CHANGE – story flash

on 09/02/2015

The steam from the tea she was serving mistified the room. The soothing scent shared its energy with the people in the room.
She felt as if she was walking on an invisible cloud, soundless and detached, yet present just the same.
The first moments in that house seemed so distant now, the repulsion she had felt towards the customs, the aversion to being so quiet, the unnerving slow-motion of it all.
But now, it all was all gaining depth for her. Something invisible she had been unable to see, but was now accustomed to feeling, and embraced it. She felt herself pulled into the artistry of it all, the beautiful designs, scents, movements, sounds and colours… The more she got into the character, the more she realized this was the character she would like to hide in for a while… or forever. And perhaps she hadn’t even changed.
She placed another cup of tea on the table. Yes, it really was her reflected in the beverage. Her real self.


Anita Kovacevic


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