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A Mother’s Love

on 10/02/2015


My sparkle of joy
My spark of delight
My infinite beauty
Unaware of her might
My loved one so cherished
I’m speechless at her smile
When she hugs me
I feel I could fly for a mile.
My curly-haired fairy
My mischievous sprite
My fire, my water,
My moon and sunlight
She blissfully sleeps
Unknown tales in her dreams
I wish I could tell them
But they’re secrets, it seems.
May she always have secrets,
May I sense them with care,
And when she wants to share some
May I know how to be there.


Even distant, he’s close
There’s a link we can feel
It may weaken, not wither
So invisible, so real.
As he grows every day
I am shocked and in awe
Like a puzzle evolving
From a powerful core.
I see glimpses of my doing,
But they seem more his own
He catches each life’s ball
No matter how it’s thrown.
He’s my miracle, my prince,
I’ve been blessed to have him
I pray his light shines
Long after mine’s dim.
May his soulmate never fail him,
His friends cherish his might.
May I know how to let go
So his wings can take flight.


Anita Kovacevic


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