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And what do YOU have to say? – W. SCHIMANSKI – interview no.6

on 12/02/2015


Well, never in a million years did I imagine I’d be chatting with a werewolf (J. Croston) and a Wolf (Wolfgang Schimanski) and live to tell about it;)!
I have been truly privileged that Wolfgang has agreed to do an interview. If you are into crime novels and thrillers, you probably already know his name. If not, here’s your chance.


> 1. You write about truly complex characters in elaborate crime stories. How much of it is careful planning and how much just pure instinct?

 I’d say 80% is pure instinct and the other 20% is planning. I have read so many terrific thrillers and took something from them all and asked myself this question,”What would I like to read in an action/thriller?” 

> 2. How do you rip yourself back into reality from such a dark-painted tapestry of the modern world? 

We as fiction writers have license to exaggerate but when you think about it reality is really the base for anything fictional is it not? 

> 3. Which of your characters do you find most obnoxious and would hate to meet in real life? Why?

Richard Rasmussin, the evil socio/psychopath in Meter of Corruption that values nothing but power and greed.   I think if I ever met him it would lead to a him or me scenario without a doubt.

> 4. When you write books, do you visualize the scenes as if watching a movie or a TV-series, hear the sounds, feel the scents?

Absolutely. I slip right into the characters and become them and am thrilled for the privilege.. 

> 5. When you were a boy, did you want to be an illusive art thief, James Bond or a cool private detective?

I wanted to be Tarzan and swing through the trees without a care. I actually got to do that for a few years until somebody told me I need to grow up. I think it was a policeman from what I remember. 

> 6. Would you feel comfortable writing any other genre? Which and why?

That is tough question. it is extremely difficult to write about something you have little affinity with. Possibly Swords & Sorcery Fantasy in the vein of Tolkien or Robert E. Howard but I’m not anywhere near that head space yet. I live to feel thrilled and give that feeling to my readers as well. 

> 7. Does it take you longer to write a novel than to edit? Do you take anyone’s suggestions into account in your re-writes?

 Sure, it takes longer to write especially my novels as my intention is to provide my readers with as much action, thrills and spills as I can possibly come up with. The editing part is a necessary evil and I am fortunate to work with my wife on that and we are hopefully getting better at it every new attempt.

> 8. If you could be any famous detective(book, TV or movies), who would you be and why? And who would you like to bust?

I would be Detective  Alex Cross from the great James Patterson Novels. He brings that right mix of humanity, determination and skill into the fold to apprehend the bad guys. And I would like to go after the crooked politicians out there who are making everyone’s life difficult with their sinister and often hidden agendas. Unfortunately there are too many of them out there but I’d
whittle away at them one at a time.

> 9. What’s the most ridiculous comment you ever got on your writing?

My reviews have all been stellar but one individual who was going to review my latest book came back and indicated he could not because of too many editing errors. Funny how I did review his and found errors in at as well, actually there are errors in all the top novelists books who have the best editors money can buy at their disposal. I look for the story and it supersedes any editing, for me anyway.

> 10. What do you like to do that doesn’t involve books at all? Just for yourself.

I love to swim as much as I can because my body is wrecked from all the years of contact sports such as football, rugby, long distance running, MMA, etc. And go see thriller movies, watch live MMA on TV, and play and listen to live music. I was the guitarist and vocalist in a rock band called Indyscretion  for a number of years. There are still some Youtube videos of our stuff out there somewhere.

> 11. Would you like to add anything about your current work or send a message to the readers?

I am working on my third novel “Meter of Redemption” which will close out the trilogy. And it promises to be a wild ride, that I can assure. 


See? Not a scary guy at all! Unless you’re into politics. Looking forward to his new stories!

Wolf’s book on Amazon
(Check his other books as well!)

Anita Kovacevic

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