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On depression, through pink glasses…

on 12/02/2015


Oh dear, what a ridiculous question!
Sounds like an add for a self-help book.
You ´re fed up with it half way through reading,
but the add still made you look.

So let me try to be a proper genius
and solve the problems of humanity,
to help myself and some friends
save what ´s left of our souls and sanity.

To cure depression it is truly essential
to first know what not to mention.
So let ´s ban any talk about money –
that will instantly relieve the tension.

Words like sad and tired and busy
should be stricken from every record.
And every negative suffix or prefix
should be sliced away with the mind ´s sword.

When we speak, the words should have a melody,
or the scent of the orange when peeled,
so fresh and full of sparkling promise,
like in spring – a daisy-filled grassy field.

When we think, our minds must be clear
like the mountain spring giving us water.
Our lips should do regular fitness – 
smiling at partner, son or daughter.

And when we sip on that warm cup of coffee,
as our daydreams float on its flavour,
let ´s send a positive thought to a friend-
´cause friends are how life does us a favour.

PS: Nothing personal, just trying to laugh my depression away;)


Anita Kovacevic


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