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on 13/02/2015

Yes, I do work with children. And yes, I do love it so. And yes, to the cynics among you, it may seem cheesy. But perhaps you have forgotten what it felt like to be in love as a kid:) And wouldn’t the world be somewhat better if people still wrote love letters? So here, just a friendly reminder…

Dear Jessica,

My heart goes boom-di-di-boom
whenever you are in the room.
And my legs start shaking like jelly,
and my palms are sweaty and smelly.

You are the queen of my heart,
I have loved you right from the start.
I know you may think I’m a fool,
but for me you rock and you rule.

I don’t know if I ever will dare
to ask you to smile and to care,
but if you could just glance my way
it would instantly make my day.

If you asked, I would give you the moon,
I so hope you go by very soon.
I’m not cute and I am not very rich,
but you can have my tuna sandwich.

I will carry your books every day,
crush anyone who stands in your way,
just don’t you crush this little heart of mine.
you beauty, with a smile so  fine.

Yours forever,


Oh and happy Valentine’s Day – every day!

Anita Kovacevic


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