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And what do YOU have to say? – S. ALBRACHT – interview no.10

on 14/02/2015

She is here! The unique voice of Suzi Albracht is in my little ‘atelier’! If you still haven’t read her books, you have no idea what horror is. With just enough said to stir your imagination and leave no sins unpunished, leaving out sensationalism and knee-deep pools of blood, Suzi will have you questioning breathlessly and flipping pages! Enjoy her interview.


1. Where do you find the inspiration for your books?
The immediate answer is that my books find me. Usually late at night or when it’s really inconvenient – like in the middle of a pool game.  The thoughtful answer is that my brain works without me thinking. So I might see a picture or maybe someone will do something that triggers a reaction in my brain. Then it will sit in there and marinate until my brain can’t stand it any longer and spits it out. I try to catch up but if I don’t my brain will keep reminding me until I get it. Once something is in my head, it’s there.

 > 2. Some details in your books are quite gruesome. Do you ever think some people really deserve such punishment?
Yes, absolutely if you are talking The Devil’s Lieutenant. But if you are talking SCORN KILLS, then that’s another matter. 

The real truth is that I take literary license in my books. I go where my characters take me. Whether or not a character should die is up to them and their choices. You have to admit that in SCORN KILLS, Bill knew in his heart that there would be serious consequences for his actions, and yet he still went down that road. When I build a character, I keep that character true to him/herself. After all the threats that he received and yet continued cheating, it would have been a let down to just let Bill skate. He had already been forgiven for his indiscretions but didn’t change. Plus my genre is horror so how could I just give him a slap on the wrists? You always have to be faithful to the truth. SCORN KILLS’ truth was that a gruesome outcome was a true reaction.

FYI – I don’t believe you have read The Devil’s Lieutenant. If you thought SCORN KILLS was gruesome then you better you better hold on tight because The Devil’s Lieutenant will shake you to your core.
In my opinion, my books are not gruesome. I don’t do slasher books because I find the violence gratuitous. The same goes for sex. I try to take the violence and sex to a level that requires a reader to fill in the rest of the details. I love writers who are able to do that.

> 3. Do you intimidate people in real life or do you just blow off steam in your books?
Do I intimidate people? That’s a matter of personal opinion. I am not a violent person but I also don’t hold back when I need to speak my mind. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if it doesn’t match mine, that’s okay. But if they insist on trying to change me, I avoid them.

As far as blowing off steam goes, when I get stressed I let it go because its a waste of time. If I’m going to get upset, I’m going to do something to change whatever it is. I focus on my goal and don’t give up until I get it. For instance, when BookBaby was not being cooperative, I didn’t rant and rave to them, instead, I expressed what I wanted and why I should get it. I got what I wanted and in the end, felt good because of the way I handled it. 

The truth is that I don’t use my books to blow off steam- ever. I don’t think a book is the place to let off steam because you are frustrated with life. My books are meant to take the reader to a place they’ve never been before. People who read my books want to escape. If I put my own dissatisfaction I there, I would be doing a disservice to them.
> 4. Do you get writer’s block? How do you pull yourself out?
No. But there are times that my mind is holding too much information for me to get written down and I have to take a step back and refresh myself. I’ll watch a movie or TV or perhaps go people watching. I play pool two nights a week and when I’m there I can’t write so I always feel hungry to get back to my writing the next day.

 > 5. You probably get a lot of reader comments. Which of them would you say has surprised you the most so far? 
The guy who thought SCORN KILLS was hilarious. While I thought Bill was sarcastic, I didn’t find any of it to be funny. But I took a step back and realized that if that was how he saw it, so be it. And then I took another step back and tried to look at it from his point of view and a funny thing happened. Once I cleared my mind and read it as someone who might find it humorous, it was. For me, he was still totally wrong but I appreciated his opinion. After that, I was no longer surprised by anything that was said.

 > 6. When you are in your writer’s zone, what’s it like? Do you have a special place or time for writing, or a little ritual?
Laser focus. I don’t hear anything else going on. At that time, I am living in my story – as a viewer at times, in the character’s head at others. I do the same thing when I play pool in tournaments. I’ve been told that I really step it up then. I usually get put up against much higher skilled players so it is one of my finest compliments.
For the second question – not really.
> 7. Would you like to try writing in a different genre? Which and why?
No, I love horror and thrillers. Period. I do what I do best.

 > 8. When did you first start feeling like an author?
I read early as a child – I could read all the little kid books at age four. I wrote my first short story shortly after. While I knew in my heart that I was and wanted to be a writer, I lived in an atmosphere where I had to think about surviving so I did that and kept my writing a secret. And no, I do not have that first writing, I had to destroy it.

 > 9. If you could have a superpower, which would it be and why?
I would have the power of making peace. There are too many evil, selfish people in the world for me.

 > 10. How do you relax?
That would depend on my circumstances. At home, I might watch TV or go outside and read. On vacation, it would be to explore that area and experience new things.
> 11. Would you like to add anything about your current work or send a message to the readers?
All my books at the moment are character related and I get attached to those characters. For some, I feel their backstory should be told. So I would like to brag about the book I am working on. Pretty Little Dead Girls is about one of the characters from The Devil’s Lieutenant – Mikael Ruskoff. He is a Washington D.C. Homicide Detective who investigates a series of abductions and murders of very young girls. When he gets up against the wall, he has to seek help from a man who can give him the killer but demands something that can destroy him. When you meet him in The Devil’s Lieutenant, you know his soul is in pain. Pretty Little Dead Girls describes his journey and why he had to take it.


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2 responses to “And what do YOU have to say? – S. ALBRACHT – interview no.10

  1. Interesting interview, Suzi! Even though it is fiction, I could never write horror. I can’t even read it, I’m too chicken. But I do agree that Stephen King is brilliant:) Anita is awesome for doing this, isn’t she?


    • Traci, Suzi really measures stuff well – she leaves more stuff to imagination than actually displaying death… I’d say more psychological than horror;)


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