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on 14/02/2015

One of the most amazing powers you can have is the power of storytelling. Some are able to write, some tell stories face to face, some tell stories through music or art, some through playing. Storytelling has been around forever, and despite and because of all the changes in human history (technology, science, society, climate..)  – storytelling is here to stay.


Telling a story, or actively listening to one, engages all your different levels of intelligence. Good storytelling stirs the heart, makes you think, provokes reaction, motivates. Writers know this, so do readers, so do we all. Reading a good story influences you through time and space, no matter when it was written, or when and where it takes place.


Superpower, I’m telling you! And ‘with great power, comes great responsibility’. Few know this better than teachers. I have been blessed to be working with some of the most amazing teachers I know, who teach through storytelling on such a natural instinct, be it foreign languages, dancing or sports, bravely facing the toughest and most sensitive audience ever – children!


Take a bow, my ‘Cvrčak’ crew (and all other teachers out there), and never ever forget how many lives you have influenced, ‘simply’ by telling the children the Ugly Duckling was just different and that was great, teaching them to ask themselves ‘why’ and not just blindly follow, building up their confidence with stories of accidental heroes such as Mulan, training them to find their way through labyrinths, so that they could find their way through life. Storytellers, you will always be superheroes, cape or not!


It is a fantastic coincidence that today is Valentine’s Day and the International Book-Giving Day. Share your story with someone you love! Always!

Anita Kovacevic

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