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Little Magical Things Found in Books

on 15/02/2015

Lovely post. When I was a kid they always taught us not to write notes on book margins, probably because some people just wrote rubbish. Not that I found banknotes or treasure maps, but I did find some lovely comments in some books. They made the books even more alive somehow. Especially the illiterate ones. Those tell stories of their own. But some… some were pure gems – like a secret book within a book.


As a quick follow up on my post last year about the second lives of books, I thought I might have a quick chat about the coolest stuff to be found in books. I stumbled across this website the other day and thought it was the coolest idea- a used bookshop scanning the stuff they find in books and blogging about it!

Once, I found a $50 note stuffed into my copy of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. That was pretty flipping sweet, and I have no idea whatsoever about how it got there. I don’t think I put it in there anyway. I just opened the book one day and BAM, $50. I do believe I turned around and spent that baby on more books!

Another awesome find was when I opened up a really old book about the battle of the Somme that once belonged…

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