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on 18/02/2015

Being an ‘apprentice’ writer myself and trying to learn a lot all at once, I have already been blessed with meeting so many wonderful authors. A lot of them, along with plenty of renowned authors from the past, are or were teachers. That got me thinking.


Now why on earth would someone who spends their working hours (and free time, because, let’s own up to it – we all take work home) reading, writing, tossing paperwork, checking homeworks and tests, writing student appraisals and lesson plans… why would this person simply not end a working week by going into a spa or travel the world? Why do they write? Not like they have to, right?


And this is what I came up with, so please, feel free to add your own or kindly correct me:

1. Force of habit – the poor people just don’t know when to stop

2. They can’t afford a spa – writing surfaces are always available (even when writing on the backs of their old lesson plans to recycle)

3. They think it’s their own homework – you know, lifelong learning and stuff (can’t teach an essay without practising)

4. they just want to be able to finish a story for once without being interrupted (parent/teacher/writers, good luck with that one)

5. Escapism and therapy – where better to escape from books than into books;)

6. Ego – they read so many books they start thinking ‘I can do better than this!’

7. Never enough time – lessons can be wonderful, students can be amazing, and there is simply never enough time to cover all great tales with them in class

8. Serious obsessive-compulsive disorder – ‘gotta be more, gotta do more’ (Thank you, Mr Keating/Robin Williams for setting the bar so high!)


9. Too many stories we see – students and their parents bring so many destinies into our lives, we have to vent off – hence so many fantasy writers out there (a dragon here, a witch there… all personifications and metaphors;)

10. Hmmmm… can’t remember what 10 was… (Insomnia drains me sometimes with all the stories popping in my head.) I’ll have to get back to you on that one… in my next piece of writing.

Ta-ta for now! Off to my fantasy spa!


Anita Kovacevic

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