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on 19/02/2015


‘Really? Really? Black and white all around and that’s all I get? All WE get? Oh, yes, sorry, mustn’t forget the grey areas, all the possible shades of grey.
But what about blue? Or red? Or yellow and green? What about pink and purple? Or, and I’m really fantasizing now, how about some fuchsia, amber and turquoise?
I’m just saying. Why not? Isn’t the world just so wonderful we can enjoy all its colours at the same time? There’s got to be a way. Am I really the only one here who needs colours?
But, no wallowing! I have a dream and I’m going for it!’
And off he went on his greatest adventure, walking and waddling, walking and waddling, and dreaming of colours.


Winky’s Colours – A Penguin’s Story

This is an extension to my children’s book about a little penguin who tries to realize his dream. The story works best when read with children!

Anita Kovacevic

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