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on 20/02/2015

Proud of my reviews for The Threshold on Lulu.
Copy-pasting here and a huge thank you to all my readers and reviewers.
All illustrations by author;)


By Areti Gavalaki Feb 1, 2015
What an enchanting, insightful story! I read The Threshold in one go and I enjoyed it immensely.

By Aditi Kaushiva Jan 29, 2015
Beautiful concept by Anita, where she has effortlessly woven a tale filled with intrigue yet manages to send across a great message. ‘Threshold’ as the author describes in her foreword is about change; a change that is always consistent with our decision on how we choose to react to that change. Fast paced, well narrated and tightly woven prose, this tale will engulf the reader right from the go. Whether its the main protagonist, Thibedeaux III or the character Mr. Scott whose pride, ego and overconfidence takes him down in the end, each character has been etched and described perfectly. Personally for me the one character that fascinated me and leaves an unanswered question in the end is of the protagonist’s wife, Ms. Jennifer Stillson. Though, forever shadowed in her husband’s grandeur, it is she who gives the story its ‘secret treasure for life’ I like narratives that make the reader ponder and question even as the last page is turned, and the threshold makes you do just that – makes you look hard into the mirror and look into your soul. Will definitely read more book from Anita Kovacevic! She is to watch out for!
By Amanda Moran Jan 23, 2015
Truly original and gripping from the first page. I wish I’d waited till the next day to start this, I couldn’t really afford the late night! I defy anyone to stop reading, ‘The Threshold’ once they start. The mysteriously tantalising opening chapter introduces the legend of ‘The House’ and captivates the reader from that point on. The main character in the first part, Josephus Clarence Thibedeaux III, is elegantly created in a style reminiscent of Charles Dickens: ‘and proceeded to hide his falsehood and ego under smooth eloquence, well-mannered posture and gentlemanly elegance.’ He is responsible for both the building of the house and the mystery of the house. Years later, and a host of fascinating individuals take on the urban legend. The story is filled with twists and turns, which culminates in an ultimately satisfying ending. Anita Kovacevic is a skilled writer with a well paced plot and beautifully crafted phrases: ‘Mrs Poole’s pride was her most precious possession, and she wasn’t going to roll it out like a rug for ruthless people to walk all over.’ Recommended to anyone who likes mysteries, thrillers, suspense and wonderfully written prose.
By Irena Cacic Jan 22, 2015
I just finished reading this book and my first thought was: What happened to Mr Scott, what did he saw in the mirror and is there a sequel? I really enjoyed reading. Atmosphere created by the author is similar to the one I found in Stephen King’s books and also in The Twilight Zone, both I like very much. Well done and I’m looking forward to reading another book from author.

By Frank Letras Jan 21, 2015
Superbly written, in the author’s own unique style, this book was a very enjoyable read indeed. I’m looking forward to more from the author, especially to see how she treats new genres and themes.

By Kathryn Hodgson Jan 20, 2015
I absolutely loved this book. I really enjoyed the author’s style of writing, very uplifting and fun, and I couldn’t stop smiling at the variety of characters. They were wonderful! As the story progressed, it was fascinating to witness the tone darken and change into something I could not put down. I found myself wanting to finish work early so I could find out what would happen and yet also trying to read slowly so the book would not end. I recommend this book highly.

By Michele de Vries Jan 19, 2015
WoW! I read your book in one sitting because I didn’t want to stop! I wanted to know more about what was happening in that house of intrigue. I really like how you wove the past, the present and the future around your main theme.



Anita Kovacevic


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