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Island Paradise – another challenge

on 23/02/2015

Author duels continue! This time E. N. Newton provides you with a fabulous tale! Have fun!

Between the Beats

cook islands

As the sun began to set into the ocean I settled back against the base of the tree. Hidden from view I began what would be a short wait. I had observed them for a week and they always met in the last moments of the day when the final glow of sunlight spread across the water. Granted it was a tad cloudy this evening and the sunset might not be as spectacular as the past few days but I was certain they would show up. I could see heavy clouds in the distance but they seemed far enough away not to deter them from their assignation.

I drew the pack of cigarettes from the pouch around my waist and pulled out the half smoked samples distributing them around my feet. Frowning I wondered if they looked too neatly arranged and proceeded to stir them around in the sand, my…

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