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on 26/02/2015


Just the other day we had a chit-chat on Facebook (the BooksGS Readers’ Group – remarkable bunch of people) about libraries and bookshops, and I posted something that made me smile, but… You know that smile when you are slightly embarassed realizing how old-fashioned you may appear, and yet the non-apologetic smile because you really DO think like that and don’t want to change (much)? Well, that smile. This is how I described a place I’d love to build and visit…

My dream is a combination of a library and bookshop (old&new books, even tablets filled with books (why not), people trading books, a place filled with armchairs and beanbag chairs for readers, a pillow fort where somebody reads to kids, and a little kitchenette or coffee shop for a live book club chat (cosy living-room style), maybe even a little creative centre for book-related art projects (drawing, sculpting, even music)….

Gosh, I live in the wrong dimension, not the wrong time… Would anyone even want to spend time there?!?!
But I do believe people would. It’s all about who tells the story, right;)? If you believe, you receive. So if you ever stumble upon such a place, and see Anita’s Haven on the sign above, you’ll know you have crossed into my dimension;). Welcome!


Anita Kovacevic

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