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on 11/03/2015

In the whiteness of snow as I watch my breath,
As if cleansing my spirit with the clear, icy air,
I dream of spring, life at rest beneath the cold,
Nature’s eyes fix upon me with her comforting stare.

Amidst the vast, autumn valley, warmed by the sun,
I stand calm and I gaze at the blue of the sky.
While my heart hears its beat and the rustle of wind,
and the beauty of Nature almost makes me cry.

The rhapsody of scents and the flowers’ palette,
Such a bounty of details rewarding each sense,
Nature washes my face with the gentlest raindrops,
As spring and its melodies joyfully commence.

On the beach, when I sit, feet caressed by the waves,
And the stars tell their stories to my friend – the moon,
Nature rests my soul on the darkness of night,
With the certain promise of the dawn light soon.

The rewards are so rich, given freely to all,
Making us proud, no matter how small,
Asking for nothing in return, only love and respect,
While Nature attempts to feed us and protect.

And we fail…

So the fire of volcanos punishes our choice,
The mud of the floods muffles our voice,
The ground shakes and roars as we try to survive,
And animals and plants fight to stay alive,
Air suffocates itself with the fumes we have made,
And technology becomes a double-edged blade,
We panic, we run, we hide and we scream…
Nature turns into nightmare from a wonderful dream.

Wish I could just press pause
to take a deep breath,
But her rage is relentless,
she turns life into death.
Wish I could somehow rewind
Back to the start,
And live life differently,
Listen more to my heart.
But she yells, she explodes,
She’s just had enough,
Like a woman abused,
Sick of promise and bluff.

And she’s tired of patience,
And she’s sick of care,
And she destroys her own beauty,
Once beyond all compare.
And she smashes and bellows,
She obliterates so much,
In a merciless stampede
With a murderous touch.

My palms vacuum my ears,
And my eyelids slam shut,
And I pray to keep filming,
But Nature yells Cut!
I wish my story would live on,
But she just wants me gone,
And I promise her my soul,
But she’s like the black hole…

Till I finally give in,
And get down on my knees,
And I know I’m to blame
And she’ll cut my trapeze.
I lay down all my might
Before Nature’s gaping jaw
And I pray for forgiveness
With humility and awe.



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