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The Wonder of Children

on 15/03/2015

Another birthday gone by and I cannot say I don’t like to celebrate them – in fact, I love it, because it gives me the chance to be with friends and family. So many of us are so busy most of the time, constantly promising ourselves to do more for ourselves as soon as we finish this or do that. Birthdays provide us with a wonderful excuse to live in the moment, as we always should. We should make more excuses like that. My family and friends made that day simply wonderful for me, with everything they did, from the morning’s hugs by my children and husband, to the evening’s tired and smiling yawns when saying good night.
Yesterday, however, was a really special birthday for me, because I was honoured with quite an extraordinary present. Two A4 pages of typed text! Not my own! And signed in the end, for future reference. It is one of the stories written by a lovely teenage girl who is going to grow up to be an amazing young woman sooner than we know it, and I am blessed to be her godmother. Her name is Helena, and her story takes me to another world, one where everything is possible, and wonderful and good, where the magical is real, and the real is magical. As I read it I could hear her voice telling it and see her eyes sparkle with the pure joy of creation.
I shall cherish her present with love and respect, hoping to read more of her stories as she grows up, if she chooses to continue to write. It is amazing how selflessly children share their worlds with us, if only we leave the door open, giving us the gift of pure, unspoiled, bubbly love. In the words of the contagiously positive Pinky Pie, ‘best gift ever’!



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