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EASY, LEAN & HEALTHY by Robert Lalonde – my review no.12

on 24/03/2015


Safe warning or spoiler alert;) – this is NOT a popular cookbook or a magical quick fix for fitness freaks! This is a serious, non-fiction research and advice book on eating habits. Just wanted to clarify that!

Non-fiction can be difficult to read, especially if you are looking for a quick solution to your problem. There are no quick solutions to health problems, but there are lasting ones. As the author generously shares with readers his research into how food and our eating habits influence each and every single part of our body (hormones, blood, skin, muscles…), it is impossible not to be aware of how much we are influenced by it. And not only physically, because our energy levels affect our daily activities.

The book provides lots of information gained through research which is explained in detail, providing links, charts and documented sources, which might make it very useful for medical students, people interested in and learning about nutrition and medicine, as well as those whose illnesses have forced them into using so many pharmaceutical cures that they are looking for a less lab-created, and more natural chemical changes for their bodies. The author himself being a cancer survivor makes him a credible source. I agree that we can solve lots of our health issues by eating better and changing our routines.

I have been gifted this book in return for an honest review and welcomed the topic, as I too have been looking for a way to change some of my dietary issues. Although I would have liked a bit more personal writing approach from the author (simply because I belong to the general population without a medical background, and especially because his biography shows that this is his own personal experience), Ifound some of his research and explanations very interesting, useful and informative. For instance, the author explains the effects of salt in our bodies really clearly and effectively, as well as the connection of cortisol and stress, and does not only dwell on sugars, as most diet books do. Sections concerning diabetes were quite useful to me, having experienced it during pregnancy and having friends who suffer from it. The average reader might be prone to more photos and less science, but this is not a popular dietary recipe book, offering magical solutions with bombastic advertisement vocabulary. This book will not coax or cajole you with cute pictures or marketing persuasion – the author shares objectively all he has learned, and offers you his own solution, and it is up to you to try and see if the diet fits you. Do not read this for fun – read it to learn and question.

And even though I personally would slightly disagree with the author on the matter of exercise;), I believe this meticulous research into the way food affects our body’s strengths, health and longevity will find its target readers and prove to be a highly useful source of data and advice.

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