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The Magic of Reading

on 29/03/2015


The image and quote above appeared on Facebook today and I completely agree with the quote. Deep reading, extensive reading, reading for fun or school/work, all kinds of reading help. Reading definitely only has positive effects on our intelligence, mental, social and emotional, but it is not only the stories themselves that do the trick.

The actual process of reading, sitting down with somebody you care about, whether it is your child, grandchild, student, or even an adult, is a wonderful experience – you share time, place, dreams, worlds… Children are especially open to gratitude – after a busy day, having their parent sit down and set this time aside only for them… there is nothing better than this! There is no better gift that you can give your child than your time and attention.

Of course, if you read and comment along with children, ask for their opinion and challenge them to think, expand on the topic and question things, it is even more worthwhile, but it is not always necessary. Sometimes you will be tired, you will skip words and they will correct you, they will stop you with questions, and you will really not feel like reading at all. But their questions, their corrections, their hillarious comments, all this will just magically wipe away your stress, make you smile and laugh, and forget about everything else.

It is the love they share with you in those moments.


The same goes with reading to and with adults. If you read with your partner, to your mother or father, to people who can no longer read to themselves, remember – we are all children at heart! Stories have that mysterious power of waking up that honest, non-constricted, free and imaginative child, dormant but present within us.


I have seen the magic of reading stories to all age groups, and would never trade in its power and positive effect for any technological or methodical device there is, much as I respect and use them in my teaching. Reading awakens playful freedom, sets emotions free and channels them, challenges the mind into critical and creative thinking, and lets us grow, develop and express ourselves.

So yes, children, meaning all of us, associate books with love and affection, because this is what we share when we read together.

And if you are ever lucky enough to have your child read to you, relish every second of that love.


6 responses to “The Magic of Reading

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    This is a wonderful blog. I began reading to my children when they were still infants. As they grew we would lie in my bed every night and read at bedtime. My youngest child was reading himself at three years old but our bedtime reading continued as we took turns reading. We would talk about the stories and sometimes make up different endings or characters. There is very little as exciting as sharing the joy of books and reading with a child.

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  2. Lizzi Newton says:

    Reblogged this on Between the Beats and commented:
    This a wonderful blog about the joy and value of reading to children.

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  3. Lexa says:

    There is still an element of an individual to consider.
    I read to my daughter before she was born, 6 short books each day as she grew -and I animated them to make it fun. I made sure she saw me reading each day.
    She never grew up to be an avid reader of books – despite my efforts.
    However she is highly creative and writes amazing plots for web and hopefully TV series!
    Go figure!

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  4. bjtiernan says:

    I read a lot to my kids when they were little. Now, I have the pleasure to do it all over again with my grandson. This is a wonderful blog and I love the pictures. Thanks for the memories.

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