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PERFECT MATCH by Marcia Weber – my review no.14

on 01/04/2015


This book is romance, and I have to admit my days of relishing in romance books have somewhat faded, although I do still remember what I expected from the genre when I spent my summers devouring every word of them, especially historical romance. This one is not historicql, don’t worry;). Some of my friends still love to relax reading the genre, so I know what attracts them to it and what they expect from it, and as for me, I find that stepping out of one’s reading niche is good for the mind and soul.
The Perfect Match is not a fast-paced thriller with erotic scenes, but develops its plot slowly, luring the leading lady Mary into a relationship which is so promising in the beginning, but turns into something completely different, as Robert manipulates and abuses her, trying to turn her into what he wants, not who she is. Sadly, I know there are many women who find themselves trapped by a bad relationship they don’t know how to get out of it. However, the author challenges her character to rise above this horrendous experience, gives her time to heal with the help of her family and friends, but also pushes her into trying to give herself a second chance on herself, as well as love and romance. Personally, there were times I would have liked the pace to have been a bit more intense, but for readers wishing to relax with a romantic holiday read, Perfect Match provides all the elements.
This is the author’s first novel in English and she will  probably have romance fans expecting more of her work very soon. If you wish to see how Mary pulls herself out of hell and fights to make her life a bit more like paradise, read this romance. The twists and turns will keep your intrigued, but not bog you down into depression. Romance fans will root for Mary and her new love!

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