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DRAGONFRIEND by Marc Secchia – my review no.15

on 12/04/2015


Nothing better for a book-lover than to be given a book to read, especially one that is to our liking! I was lucky enough to receive an advanced review copy of M. Secchia’s Dragonfriend. I love reading fantasy and am always in awe of authors who go iut of their way to create brave new worlds many of us would like to visit or live in. Knowing full well such magic only exists in books and movies, I readily grabbed the text and dove into reading.
From the very first chapter, thrilling and action-packed, you just love the heroine and will probably, just the way I did, devour the following pages, rooting for her and her dragonet friend (no more spoilers ahead, I promise to be very careful about that) throughout all their hardships and friendships. Whether you are a teenage fantasy fan or an adult with an adventurous heart, this intriguing story will lure you in from the start.
Spectacular landscapes, amazingly graphic action scenes, gorgeous descriptions with plenty of detail… My absolute favourite scenes are the ones in which the differences in the world, habits, traditions and capabilities of humans and mythical creatures are displayed, with so much humour, insight and emotion, that a proper fantasy fan will relish in every discourse line and every thought shared telepathically between the characters. In this kind of a book, I like to be able to feel the story with all my senses, and the author writes using them – he shares the sounds and silence, the scents and touch, and shows you what he sees, so you can be immersed in reading, just the way a good movie will do, and even better. 
I mean, if you don’t enjoy all that in a fantasy book, then how about majestic creatures described with such detail that you can imagine them in the room next to you, feel their breaths and hear their thoughts in your heads? Life-threatening situations which will have you gripping the covers or your readers till your knuckles are white? And if that doesn’t do the trick, a human girl in the midst of the battle of worlds with… oh no, no spoilers! Go ahead, read the book if you dare!
And then hope for the sequel soon, with the rest of the fans! Pure fantasy, with all the flavours you need in a great fantasy adventure!

Dragonfriend is available here:)


4 responses to “DRAGONFRIEND by Marc Secchia – my review no.15

  1. Paardje says:

    Sounds like the kind of book to lose myself in! 🙂


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