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My Darkness

on 15/04/2015

My darkness comes in many forms.
It wraps, or cools or flows.
My darkness guides me through my night,
My weakness lurks below.

My darkness hides my gorgeous flowers,
And shades them safe and sound.
It drains my pain and sorrow free
And soaks them to the ground.

My darkness is a part of me,
Though not my joy or pride.
It lets me mourn and pause a bit.
In fake light, it’s my guide.

So let me have my darkness friend,
It helps me rest and heal.
And after I have slumbered there,
My true light shines revealed.


(Photo by Natalija Bolfan Stosic, with her kind permission)

One response to “My Darkness

  1. Everyone has a darkness within, Anita. As long as you occasionally let your light shine, it’s okay to spend some time in the dark 🙂 Great poem! I enjoyed it.

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