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on 19/04/2015

So many things nowadays seem to have taken over our lives. Things, not activities, but objects, shopping items, bills, taxes, money, stuff to buy, stuff to sell… and everybody talks about consumerism and how there are no more kind people in the world.

Well, I disagree.

Regardless of the fact that media seem to promote superficial news and events, despite the alienation of eye-to-eye socializing because of social networks, regardless of the constant rushing and lack of time, I keep seeing people be kind and do kind things for each other, and I keep appreciating their kindness. In fact, I tend to consider kindness simple human decency and quite a normal thing, something that should come as naturally to us as breathing. I wouldn’t have even given it a second thought, were there not for some people who constantly remind me being kind is naive, ‘people use you up and spit you out’, ‘you throw pearls before swine’, and more in line with that similarly negative way of thinking. So I started wondering whether it was merely a trend in my country to consider kindness overrated and even silly, or if it went further than that.

My opinion is my own, but I will share it here. True, sometimes you are kind to people who turn out to be less than deserving, and it is not a nice feeling to feel used and see your favour turned into ridicule. But am I going to lose sleep over that? No. Can I sleep soundly, my conscience clear over what I had done to help, even if unappreciated? Of course I can. After all, we are kind on impulse, not expecting anything in return.

Am I going to keep being naively kind? I hope so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if more people were? What do you think?

So I have invited some of my author friends to share their views on the matter, as guests on my blog, through essays, poems, stories or just stating their opinions. Is kindness overrated?

The invitation is open.



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