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IS KINDNESS OVERRATED? – guest post by Everett Morris

on 27/04/2015

Today’s guest Everett Morris shares with us his views and personal experiences with kindness. Another author from the Books Go Social facebook authors group. I hope his post makes you think. Read more about Everett following the links posted below.

Is Kindness Overrated?

I believe the substance of kindness itself is not overrated, it’s overlooked. It’s forgotten. It’s frustrating. And this is why.

As a kid, my father would bend over backwards for complete strangers. We admired this about him. And this is just one incident in a line of many.

As we were travelling down a main road in our town, we saw a semi-truck parked on the side of the road with the hazard lights on. Now, we had a Suburban, so if he needed any mechanical assistance, that was out of the question. If he needed any significant help, these were the days before cell phones, so we couldn’t exactly call anyone. But my Dad stopped anyway. He walked to the driver. Meanwhile, we’re all scratching our head. After about ten minutes, we see Dad and the driver laughing it up. The driver walks to the end of the trailer, opens it up and gives us five cases of yogurt. Not small boxes, mind you, but rather sizeable boxes of yogurt. In that day and age; the mid 80s, the drivers could open the trailers. Now, they’re sealed. Our Dad told us as we helped move these boxes to our truck that all the driver needed was directions. That was it. Just the simple task of telling a driver to make a U-turn, take a left and a right earned our Dad a ton of yogurt. It meant that much to the driver. Nowadays, when we see people on the side of the road, we just drive past them. Who knows what they need? A jump, a flat tire? Directions?


Another incident, in the more recent years, my Dad had the idea of stopping to help someone in need. It was a beautiful day; not a cloud in the sky. We were just coming down the road after a day on the lake not catching a thing. We find a SUV in the culvert on the side of the road. It was obvious the driver just wanted to pull off to the side, but misjudged the distance. Odd, but unfortunate. So, my Dad tells me to pull off and see what we can do. They were trying everything they could do to get their tires deeper. I offered my assistance; after evaluating which tires were less buried and using that to the advantage. We got the truck out of the mire and pulled it into an adjacent driveway. Everyone was appreciative of our efforts. In the end, it was because they had seen the garage sale, they tried to stop quicker than normal and had just driven off the road.

I don’t know if my Dad was the only one to pull over and help someone like that, but I do know that it’s become contagious on my part. I even notice at my job that people are less likely to help one another. I see it as a micro society. Here we are in this world, we try to get along, but as soon as someone needs a hand, they just move along.

Kindness, to me, is something we hope everyone acts upon, but no one “has the time” due to some appointment, meeting, or if we’re on our way to a soccer game. Kindness needs to be refocused on, accepted and acted upon.

It boils down to doing the right thing at the right time for no reason whatsoever; but just because the recipient would appreciate it. Do the right thing because we, deep down inside, hope that someday, someone would do the same for us.

I use experiences with my Dad to illustrate my thoughts because he was, and is, a daily inspiration to me. We all, myself included, should aspire to be one step better than we are, to realize our potential is greater than we imagine. And that starts by doing one thing for one person. Then, like something contagious, it spreads.


About the author (from his Amazon profile):
Author O. F. Marz (Everett Morris) and his book



3 responses to “IS KINDNESS OVERRATED? – guest post by Everett Morris

  1. Lexa says:

    What an amazing role model you have Everett – keep true to your heart. Beautifully expressed. ❤


  2. Joel Dex Goor says:

    great role model your dad, and we should always help others, just be careful who you stop for sometimes in today’s world. God bless. 🙂


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