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IS KINDNESS OVERRATED? – guest post by Joel Dex Goor

on 01/05/2015

It is wonderful to see so many people contributing their posts, in order to promote kindness in all its possible forms. Today’s guest is a new NY author, Joel Dex Goor. Read his post and find his bio and links below.

written by Joel Dex Goor


What I see and know to be true is that we do have a world overpopulated with smart people, intelligent people, people that are out for power, prestige and for themselves; their needs, wants and desires only. However, we need more “kind people,” that fill our world, and they do exist. We need more kind people that are not in the background of our world, but in the foreground, full and live and vibrant. Kindness changes lives, kindness changes the world. When we are kind to others, it reverberates back to us in ways that are miraculous. We need those kind people like you and me to give a hug to someone whose heart is sad. We need kind people like you and me to put a smile on someone’s face when they feel like nothing is going well in their life. We need kind people that can uplift our human race to that of great heights of beauty. It is the kind of beauty we forgot existed, due to the unkindness of so many people asleep to who we really are and were born to be.

Hate, destruction, unloving and unkindness in gigantic proportions are so well-known around the world, and reverberate into a snowball effect that hurts humanity and our planet in so many ways. It is the cause of this destruction in our world, and why peace and kindness seem to take a back seat.
However, put heart-felt kindness and compassion into our world, something that is not overrated, but rather underused, and our world will heal, our world will love, our world will be restored to the kindness that God intended for us when He created us in Love. Our world will be transformed into such loveliness and we can build and create and construct so many things with kindness, that are destroyed by hate, destruction, unloving behavior and blatant unkindness to our fellow human beings, animals, planet.
Is kindness being made fun of while being called overrated? Maybe perhaps those people expressing this, may never had been shown kindness in their lives, and do not know what the joyous feeling a small act of kindness given to them feels like. If so, I and so many others will be there to show you that kindness and rest assured your life will change.
Let us be those “kind people,” who live on this planet that continuously plant seeds of kindness. Let us be those “kind people,” that what is planted by us grows so large and vibrant, and beautiful that it overshadows all the hate and destruction that sadly permeate our beautiful world. Kindness is not overrated but underrated and underused by many.
Why is this so, that kindness is truly underused, instead of overrated? It is because as we see in today’s world, instead of bringing us up, there are many who are jealous and want to tear us down, it is easy to do that but it takes some loving thinking and action to bring us up and to be kind and loving toward each other. I choose kindness in my life and when we act kind, both the giver and receiver feel and know we are blessed beings who walk this planet for a short while. Is Kindness overrated?… HECK NO!!!!!…    


About the Author
(provided by himself)

Joel Dex Goor is a first time book author. Joel wants to help others through his teachings on how to become better people. He earns his living working on the administrative side of a private medical facility, as he likes to call it, “THE HELPING AND HEALING PROFESSION.” He gives the patients his compassion and genuine concern for their well-being. This is where his love for people is put to work. His passion is to help others, and write about humanity and how we can become the best within ourselves and then extend it outward to our world. Joel would like to lecture, become a motivational speaker and a life coach. He has finished his first complete book and proud of it entitled “YOUR LIFE IS A BLESSING…SO LIVE IT THAT WAY!!!”

He has written over 40 writings which include poems, prayers and essays which he has published on his blog entitled: “My happiness, gratitude and appreciation,” To touch the heart and move the spirit. Joel also has just under 1900 ‘LIKES” on his fanpage on FACEBOOK “MY HAPPINESS, GRATITUDE AND APPRECIATION PAGE.” Joel welcomes you to view and join his new blog: “YOUR LIFE IS A BLESSING SO LIVE IT THAT WAY.COM.”

Joel wants to continue writing and create pieces that speak to humanity’s soul and spirit and to re-awaken the light in people who thought it lost. In his spare time he loves to watch the classic movies on TCM and classic sitcoms on DVD. He loves reading books on or hearing talks on the spiritual realm, books on angels, on spiritual thinkers that want to change the world for the better, such as Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, and Oprah Winfrey among others. Joel wants to join that group of “NEW SPIRITUAL THOUGHT, THINKERS AND SPEAKER” and become an extension of the past great thinkers as well as the current ones that live and speak in our world today.

Joel is currently working on his second book “HOW TO HEAL THE WORLD, BY HEALING OURSELVES FIRST.” Joel is devoted to his loving family and friends who help sustain him. Joel resides in Brooklyn NY.

Joel’s book on Amazon



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