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Winky’s Colours – special review

on 17/05/2015

Just received this special book review via e-mail. So proud of Winky’s Colours! Thank you!


In the introduction of  Winky’s Colours: A Penguin’s Story, the author Anita Kovačević describes what inspired her to write the story of a little penguin who represents family, love, kindness, courage, curiosity, friendship. My experience in therapy of children with complex problems tells me this story has didactic value, so I was happy to receive this book as a gift. It shows the life journey in a very sensitive period of children’s development.

Surrounded by white snow, the author who is also a school teacher, one cold night, in her dream, met Winky the penguin. As a mother and teacher, she knows children very well.

Winky, the cute, little penguin is as lovable as his name. It represent the child, the inner child in adults, or the author herself as she mentioned in the first lines of her story.

Divided into small chapters, the story tell us all about Winky, how he looks, what he wants, who he meets on his journey… After every chapter there are simple questions for children or other readers, which give the story its educational value.

Winky has courage, and is like his father, with that one lock of hair ’which sticks up and won’t be smoothed down by any water, ice, spit or anything’. The main character has got nice features but his cute lock of hair is a nice ‘touch’ that separates him as a brave and good child.

Winky has a nice family, parents, grandmother and grandfather, brother and sister who are described very colorfully. The reader can recognize the importance of family values which the author emphasizes in the story as the first important environment for the healthy life of children.

But…all around him is black and white with a little bit of gray… School, friends, things, everything. Winky is not quite happy, because he loves and dreams about colors. Reading this story, the young readers learn the symbolic power of colors. In  a light and smooth way, the author guides the child as an experienced teacher, knowing the importance of children’s curiosity, and thinking and understanding that each child can learn so many things in this sensitive period of their lives. It is so important for establishing the basic and healthy knowledge each child needs for life.

Winky found his colours and much more. Can we find more than white and black colours just in a rainbow, in garden flowers, or can we find it in somebody’s smile? Find the answer here.

The author has touched the reader’s heart, with a wink like her cute character of the story; she makes us wish to read more about Winky, or maybe in her next beautiful story like this one.

Natalija Bolfan-Stošić, PhD. Associate Professor Department of Speech and Language Pathology. University of Zagreb, Croatia


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Winky’s Colours on Amazon (e-book and paperbook available)


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