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on 18/05/2015

Have you met Janet McNulty or Nova Rose? Well, it’s about time! Read all about her and her latest book in a series of wonderful children’s and YA stories!




1. Pretend we are all children and tell us 5 things about yourself which you consider the most important!

I tend to be shy. I love going outside. I love cats. I hated going to school as a kid, but went anyway. I love fried chicken. Chocolate ice cream is my favorite, especially with whipped cream and a cherry on top.

2.  Why do your write books for children? What motivates and inspires you? How do your books come to life?

I loved to read as a kid and believed that I had some good stories to share with them. People and current events usually inspire to write something, but I do prefer the more funny things in life. My books can take me a few weeks to a few years to write, depending on what it is and the age group it is for. I write them, but have someone else do the illustrations, since I cannot draw.

3.  What were your favourite children’s books and characters when you were a child (and still)? Was there a character you wanted to be, or a book you wanted to step into? Why?

I loved the book Heidi and Little Women. However, I would probably step into the Wizard of Oz. as I loved the idea of going to a different, maybe magical, world and having an adventure.

4. What is your main goal when you write a children’s book? What do you want your readers to think or feel?

My main goal is to entertain, but at the same time maybe hove a bit of proverbial wisdom mixed in. For instance, my book, Mr. Chili’s Chili is about a chili pepper who cannot cook chili, but wants to learn how. After several disasterous mistakes, he keeps trying, and eventually learns how to make the prfect bowl of chili.

5. How do comments and reviews affect you? What do your friends, family and colleagues think about you as a writer?

Reviews used to affect, especially negative reviews, but that was when I first started publishing my work. Now, I don’t read htem anymore, and on the rare time I choose to read what one negative reviewer had to say about me, I just pass it off as their opinion, becaue in the end, that is what a review is. I have better things to do—like writing more books—than to get angry over what people say about my work.

Most of my friends and family believe that I am just an average writer. They wish me luck, but do not bother reading anything I publish as they are very busy with work and family.

6. What is the most difficult thing about writing a children’s book? What is the most fun aspect of that process?

Making sure that it is written for children. You have to keep the age of those reading your books in mind. Oftentimes, I find myelf writing it a though someone in their 20s would be reading it and have to remind myself that, my picture books are for kindergarteners. In sorth, the goal is to keep the book short and simple, and that can be the hardest thing of all. The fun part about children’s books are the illustrations. Though I cannot draw, I love watching as my illustrator brings the book to life with his colorful and unique drawings.

7. Do you like reading your book in public? Who is the tougher audience – the adults or the children? Share an anecdote if you wish.

Actually, I have never read my book in public, but I would say that it is a toss up over who the tougher audience is. Sometimes its the children, especially if your book fails to hold their interest. Other times, its the adults because as adults, we always like to find the hidden meaning in things and can be very critical sometimes.

8. What is the one genre or topic you think you would never write and why?

Romance. I’m not good at it. I don’t read romance myself and it’s my least favorite genre.

9. If you could interview any famous children’s author, who would it be and what would you ask?

I never really thought about it. I don’t who I would interview, but if did ever talk to one, I would ask them where they get their ideas.

10. Why is reading important for children? Is it more important for them to read by themselves or with an adult?

Reading opens a lot of doors to you. It can transport you to another world or place or allow you to learn a bit about yourself. I think it is important for young children to read with an adult who can help them learn the words, but when they are older, they start reading on their own.

11. Would you like to add anything about your current work or send a message to the readers?

Right now, I am finishing up my young adult science fiction series: Solaris, but hope to write some more books for children in the future. However, all of my children’s books are available on amazon in both print a kindle. Just search my name and you’ll find them.

author’s website




Book Title: Mr. Chili’s Chili

Book Blurb: Mr. Chilie wants to learn how to cook the best bowl of Chili anyone has ever tasted. But his cooking skills leave something to be desired. With his best friends helping him, can he achieve his goal?
Chloe H TOP 1000 REVIEWER on Amazon
Mr. Chili’s Chili is about a hot pepper who wants to make great chili like the hot peppers before him, but is having trouble getting it right. More than that, though, it’s about teaching your children not to give up when things don’t go the way they’d like and that sometimes it takes a few tries to get good at something.

The story has a great mix of big and little words to keep kids of all ages interested (I got to teach my 11 year old what Limburger was), humorous, lively storytelling and colorful, interesting illustrations to accompany it. If you’re a parent, this book is a great buy for children of any age. I want to share the rest of the Mr. Chili series with my kids now!


Other books by J. McNulty/Nova Rose:
Children’s Books:
Mr. Chili’s Chili
Mr. Chili’s Halloween
Mr. Chili Goes to School
Mr. Chili’s Christmas
The Hungry Washing Machine
Mrs. Duck and the Dragon
How Do You Catch An Alien?
Are You the Monster Under My Bed?

Young Adult Books Include:

Dystopia Trilogy:
Tempered Steel
Liberty’s Torch
Mellow Summers:
Sugar And Spice And Not So Nice
Frogs, Snails, And A Lot Of Wails
An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away
Three Little Ghosts
Oh Holy Ghost
Where Trouble Roams
Two Ghosts Haunt A Grove
Trick Or Treat Or Murder
Roses Are Red; He’s Dead
Double, Double, Nothing But Trouble
The Solaris Saga:
Solaris Seethes
Solaris Seeks
Solaris Strays
Solaris Soars
Legends Lost (under Nova Rose)


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