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Funny thing (changing your life)

on 24/05/2015

Just a funny thing to share on a Sunday afternoon…


About a year ago, I was participating in a book project, me still an unpublished author (what’s an author?), just a teacher and a mother with a streak for storytelling for poetry. And although I am well-aware of just how much I still have to learn about the skill of writing and editing, budgeting for quality professional service and book promotion, I had a good laugh at myself this morning.


I was trying to go through my e-mails when a sudden panic attack struck me! I was mortified that there must have been an interview sent to me by someone and I had forgotten to post it… and there should be more to do to promote my own books, and when am I ever going to write blog posts I promised to some people… it’s really high time I went through my email contacts and organised them according to my activities…and how do I ever read and review all the books in my several tablet reader apps, which aren’t a must but would be lovely if finished by July… and could I possibly squeeze in another one of my children’s book and fantasy YA books edited and published before editing and publishing the Forest novel in August…oh yes, the anti-bullying project needs some promo as well… and then finally, but not the least of my panic-stricken ordeals, a colleague of ours asks me to send her my bio, book covers, blurbs and links, and I realize I really should have all that prepared in a single document, right? Right!


My kids tugged in their prospective directions, unfazed by my wide-eyed gasps, my husband gave me a supportive smile, and my mobile planner had a good, hearty laugh at my expense, knowing full well how much time the full-time teaching job will allow for all that in the next month!
But hey, at least we all got a good laugh! That should count for something!


PS: Give up on any of it? Not on your ne… life!


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