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THE JOURNEY OF THE MARKED (THE MIYRAN HEIR, part 1) – by R.P.McCray – my review no.17

on 24/05/2015


Spectacular and engaging!

Don’t you just love it when you get a book as a gift, and it turns out to be a book you absolutely love? Well, fantasy fans, this is one book you will beg to get, love gifting, and revisit often while waiting for sequels! (Not too long, I hope.)

The Journey of the Marked is superbly written, an absolute page-turner with the perfect balance of spectacular scenes and serene passages. Every single chapter engages the five senses, giving you the colours, the sounds, the smells, the feelings… I looked forward even to descriptions, as all characters and creatures have  been created with an original spark and fascinating anatomical features. The author loves her intricate worlds with their own customs, laws, creatures and history. Her fantastic imagination lends itself to movie making, because there is so much vivid showing instead of telling. This book is a fantasy fan’s dream read. It is utterly engaging – had me rooting for the characters from chapter two and never relented! The ‘marked’ reference is not a shallow pun, but emphasizes the plot’s strong message of fighting for your life and integrity even when you are different, and even when you do not even know what it is that makes you special, but you feel it in your gutt that you must stay true to yourself. The author offers a wide range of strong personalities in both genders, and it will be difficult to choose your favourites.

There is nail-biting suspense with a cliffhanger feel to it, which is not only promising but infectious – you will want to read more by the same author and about the same characters! Thrilling, charming and simply fantastic! Bravissima, Rebecca P. McCray!

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