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THE PROBLEM OF THE HOT WORLD by Pam Bonsper – my review no.20

on 31/05/2015



Writing a children’s book is never easy, and I commend anyone who tries. It is always difficult to express what you wanted to, in the language suitable and understandable for children, yet not condescending. It is also useful, especially in books for younger children, to use TPR-inspiring vocabulary, which helps the children and their storytellers get more engaged in the reading process. Your characters should be simple, recognizable, relatable, and they should have certain catch phrases or behavioural patterns children could mimic and enjoy. Illustration is essential, and carries almost half the story. Most of all, for your children’s book to be a good book longterm, it must have an educational, non-sensational yet important message.

Pam Bonsper’s book has all of these elements, and deserves its stars. Although, personally, I may say I would like to see a more emphatic ending, a tiny bit more of a dialogue, when you look at the overall, the story really works. It has a lovely forest setting with recognizable animals (later changed briefly into a polar backdrop), very interesting and charming illustrations (in perfect synergy with the story), and finally, tells the story of environmental changes in a very simple, friendly, serene way.

As a parent and a teacher, I can see how this story lends itself to teaching and learning, leading the children gently and inobtrusively into critical and creative thinking, and, provided one reads with them and talks about the ‘why’ and ‘what would you do’, the children can only grow emotionally from this book.


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