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Pacing myself

on 08/06/2015


Let me be.
Just let me retreat.
I am not gone,
not leaving, not conquered.
I am retreating
into the shade of darkness tonight,
I have nothing
to offer or share.

My shell is emptied and fragile and cracked,
But it’s not broken, shattered or lost.
I need to recover, refuel, recharge,
And I can’t do that,
Not in light,
Not in sight.
I am tired off pain,
I am tired off weakness,
And my breathing is slow,
My heartbeats so hushed.
But I am still here,
Observing from my haven,
Keeping a watchful eye.

So let me be, please.
Just let me lay low,
Let me breathe in this silence
And the cool air of night.
Time will help,
Time will heal,
And all love will prevail.
I’m just tired,
Not beaten,
Still here.

(Dear Nat, thank you for the photo. It always gets to me the way you fight with pictures. My weapons are words.)


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