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on 09/06/2015

Remember this one? It’s Beverly’s cat!


It seems that cats do rule the world (well, some of it), because Beverly Tiernan’s cat photo is starting a series of stories. We have challenges authors to write a brief story about the photo, for fun practice and to see just what kinds of variety we get from  just one photo, and here is the first of such guest posts. Thank you, Suzi Rayve!


by Suzi Rayve      
“Come set beside me young female of human descent.  I’m to tell you a tale and your soul it shall rent.”
Okay.  As much as I love my friend and mentor, the beautiful black Cat who calls herself Josephina, I truly did not want to sit through another of her life stories.  I did have to smile at the fact that she called me young.  Considering she only had about fifty years on my three hundred, she had lived a much more exciting life. 

The last story Josephina told me left my toes curled and gave me nightmares for weeks, but I knew I didn’t really have a choice.  I always have learned a new life lesson with each story.  If only they didn’t come in rhymes.  I went around speaking in rhymes for days afterwards and people looked at me funny.

“Yes please Miss Josephina.  Let me get a glass of wine and I’ll be happy to listen.  Would you like a saucer?”
“If you would be so kind my dear, as to make it the white to keep my mind clear.”
“Uhhh, right.  White it is.”

I poured her a saucer of white wine and myself a glass of red and sat down on the cold kitchen floor beside her.  The stories were always in the kitchen.  She said it was because the energy was better, but I suspected it was because her food dish was less than a foot away.

Josephina curled her tail around her body and settled in on the floor.  I watched, fascinated as her eyes took on the eerie glow they always got when she told a real horrific one.  Yikes I was in for it!
“There lived a creature large and free and if you can believe, this being was even larger than me.”
I had to take a sip of my wine in order to cover my smirk at that.

“This creature, we called it JW and it was sweet and kind.  The humans feared it as always they do those of another ilk and mind.  JW had a delightful scent of lavender and catnip so our youngsters (you might well imagine) were attached at the hip.  He had a mate and a wee one and a life that was fine.  Until humans of course as you can no doubt divine.

One day JW was out in the field collecting his hunt and it was a fair yield.  The only humans they ate were those that were deserving of their fate.  This latest he had in his jaws so strong had skinned one of our kind alive in order to her pain prolong.  We cheered as he tore this human’s throat.  He was shy and nodded, never one to gloat.

Just as he was entering his cave to feed his clan, his life and world ended due to one more evil man.  This man was but a boy in age, yet took to his evil with a happy rage.  Coming upon JW with incredible speed, he left JW’s clan with a forever need.  Slicing hard and fast and with no mercy at all, in shock and horror we saw JW’s head fall.  The vicious boy held up JW’s head in glee.  We all ran to attack and away he did flee.  He mounted his four legged ride and sped away, leaving the clan shrieking in dismay.

Later his story was told in a reprehensible lie.  By one man who changed his own name due to our hue and cry.  He embellished the tale making the boy a hero of course.   No offence to your kind, but we must consider the source.

This tale I tell is true and real.  Felines set a law in order to remember JW’s ordeal.  We of feline kind know there is evil within your race.  We remain with your kind to try and earn you some grace.  Each time one of you sees our eyes glow; this is a sign so take heed and know.  Our friend JW, I daren’t quote his full name, had eyes of flame.  Thus do we to honor his life, take eyes of flame to never forget his strife.”

Josephina blinked at me and her eyes went back to normal as she stood to lap up all of her saucer of white wine.  She then curled up next to her food dish and went to sleep, effectively dismissing me.
I wandered into the living room after pouring myself a new full glass of red.  This one was going to take some thought.   Where had I heard that story before?  Do you know?

©  Copyright Suzi Rayve 2015
(a.k.a. Jennifer Reimel)

2 responses to “CAT-TALES no.2

  1. bjtiernan says:

    Loved your tale, Miss Suzi. A cat that drinks wine and tells stories that rhyme. Splendid idea. On that note, I’m heading to the cupboard to fetch myself a glass of the white stuff. I’ve got some thinking to do. Such fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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