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JUMBO by Tammy Brown Elkeles – my review no.21

on 09/06/2015



Not long ago, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon this book (and several others by this author, which I plan to read soon enough) by T. B. Elkeles.

Jumbo is a charming story and boys searching their courage! Boys who dreams of pilots will love this one, so it would make the perfect gift for them. Sam is still not as brave as his brother Tom is in jumping fences, although he is a formidable pilot in his computer game. But his mother explains that everyone has something they re good at. When San dreams of having to drive a real aeroplane and find true courage, there is such a lovely aspect to it as both brothers participate in the rescue mission! I hope Sam jumps the fence the following morning;), or becomes a pilot one day!

The story is written in a lovely, storyteller’s voice, and you can easily hear yourself reading it aloud to your children, or even students if you teach, and the illustrations are quite lovely! I will definitely check out the other books in the series!

Amazon link to Jumbo

2 responses to “JUMBO by Tammy Brown Elkeles – my review no.21

  1. hivebee2015 says:

    Really helpful, thanks for sharing!


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