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Average Daydreamer

on 13/06/2015

Been writing one of my several current works in progress a lot lately. A chapter a day. Funny thing is – it feels relaxing. Perhaps it’s just because it is a light summer read, not a fantasy/drama, horror or crime like my other novels in progress. Or it is just the summer holidays approaching.
Anyway, here’s a glimpse into the theme…

Average Daydreamer – working on a novel

There is something so plain and simple about travelling by train, about commuting… Something so common and average about all the people you share that tiny space with, each worrying their own problems, dreaming about all their desires, counting the minutes to and from work. The scents, the heat, the stuffiness, the crowd, the conducters, the delays…

All so average, and yet… Who knows what goes on in all those people’s heads, as your eyes gaze out the window, in semi-stupour or completely uninterested! Perhaps the travellers are just as funny, witty, lonely as… you are.


There is something so simple about bakeries, too. Your everyday stop for a snack, your dose of the smell of freshly baked bread which gives you the boost you need to drag yourself to work each and every morning, although staying in would be such a wonderfully lazy option…


There is something homely, strong, comforting in watching a baker’s hands mix and press the dough. Such an honest day’s work! No fuss, no talk of corruption or big bucks, just hard work and the feeling of usefulness. No needless, cold, impersonal paperwork you have to go through at work. Have you ever stopped and watched a baker’s hands go through their dedicated routine, making bread with slow, rhythmical movements, firm yet gentle. So soothing!

Until you start daydreaming. And you imagine your skin below those fingers… Mmmmmhhhmmm…. yummy…


Soothing, unless the dough/skin daydream happens within a day train, filled with commuters. And you miss your stop. On the way to work! You fall off your seat, face flat into the remnants of dried chewing gum and a jungle of human feet.

Well, my character, Priscilla, tends to do that. Sometimes!

Funny girl, though. Kind, hard-working, a bit lonely. But she talks the whole time! Incessant jabbering! I wonder if she will make it through the whole novel, or get lost in a daydream… She’s managed to pull through 9 chapters already! We shall see:)!

PS: She may be prolific, but she will hate editing, I know it! Well, at least we have that in common;)!


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