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on 16/06/2015

Stephanie Bridgeman is one of many children’s authors I have met through a fb authors’ group Books Go Social, and one of those whose creativity may stay below the radar in the ocean of books published in the world today. Being an author, an inventor and tutor, her optimistic creativity has truly earned her the chance to promote her work. Learn something about Stephanie and her books, and check out her books. You never know the things that you can learn!




1. Pretend we are all children and tell us five things about yourself which you consider the most important!

(1) I am quite curious and a bit of a wild child! (2) I like to run in the gully for miles and pick the honeysuckle flowers behind our house; (3) I love all animals, and they sometimes follow me home! (4) I love to dance in the wind and chase fireflies (which may be faeries)?! (5) I stare at the stars, and make-believe they are angels lighting up the night sky.    

2.  Why do your write books for children? What motivates and inspires you? How do your books come to life?

I want to write more books for children, which positively spark their wee imaginations! I feel that there are too many books for children that have way too much violence. So, I am inspired to create books that help kids see the goodness in life, and make them laugh whenever possible! I enjoy creating the glowing pictures for the books that I (and my co-authors) like to write.

3.  What were your favourite children’s books and characters when you were a child (and still)? Was there a character you wanted to be, or a book you wanted to step into? Why?

I remember that I read every fairy tale they ever made when I was in fourth grade! I even read the “Olive Fairy Tale Book”, the “Chartreuse Fairy Tale Book”, and these were over One Thousand pages! (If I missed a book, please let me know, and I’ll go read it!) When I read these fairy tales, I wanted to be a princess! This princess would have many friends with animals and Unicorns; she could talk to them when she felt lonely. Plus I would have a Fairy Godmother who’d magically appear in times of trouble: and help me transform into a lovely person -both inside and out!


4. What is your main goal when you write a children’s book? What do you want your readers to think or feel?

I hope to make them laugh – to fill them with wonder and excitement about learning new things, instead of fearing what’s around the corner.

5. How do comments and reviews affect you? What do your friends, family and colleagues think about you as a writer?

Of course, I am human. I am like most authors and want great reviews! If I happen to get a bad review, then I would check it out: to see if it is constructive criticism, or simply a person who’s having a bad day! If I feel it is constructive criticism, I will do what I can to correct the text (within reason). Finally, I will have to walk away and move on with my life! The important thing is that my friends and family truly seem to like the books that I have written (along with my co-authors). I must admit it has been a very gratifying experience!

6. What is the most difficult thing about writing a children’s book? What is the most fun aspect of that process? 

The most difficult (and the most fun!) thing about writing a children’s book has been creating the pictures. Some days, the pictures were easy to make.  Other days, I couldn’t get the pictures to “glow” just right, and got a little frustrated when it took so long to complete them. On those days, my computer would usually overheat and compound my frustration!

7. Do you like reading your book in public? Who is the tougher audience – the adults or the children? Share an anecdote if you wish.

The adults would be my toughest audience. I like reading my books to one or two children at a time (when teaching them to read). I have great fun reading “Horton Hears a Who!” by Dr. Seuss.  The book is really funny. One time, I was reading this book to a very somber student, who never laughed, before that day. I desperately wanted to cheer her up, since she seemed especially down and out. So, I started reading to her, using a deep voice for Horton (the elephant), and then an unexpectedly high-pitched, tiny voice for “The Who” people. It was a miracle! My student started giggling and couldn’t seem to stop!  I believe this one book sparked her love for reading, since she advanced three grade levels in less than one week!


8. What is the one genre or topic you think you would never write and why?

I don’t believe that I would write a horror book or any book that has gratuitous violence. I wouldn’t want to be that author, who’d scare children, causing them nightmares. I want to be the author (like Dr. Seuss) who helps kids think “happy thoughts”.

9. If you could interview any famous children’s author, who would it be and what would you ask?

I would interview Theodor Seuss Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss).  I would ask him, “How did you get so inspired to write such fun children’s books, in a rhyming style that’s so far ahead of your time?” Before Dr. Seuss mass marketed his books, school kids had to start their reading journey with boring books that had repetitive phrases like: “Run Jane run!” (I wanted to run from reading that book – right out of the school!)  I wish Dr. Seuss could see his legacy: watching my students laughing with glee when I read his books to them!

10. Why is reading important for children? Is it more important for them to read by themselves or with an adult?

I believe reading can spark children’s imaginations and help them learn how to deal with stressful situations.  It is good that they learn to read by themselves but make sure they choose the right books! For example, if they are reading a book with sensitive subject matter (dealing with death or divorce) it is best that a loved one is there to help counsel them.  Plus, by reading a book with someone they love, it will create memories these children will always cherish!


11. Would you like to add anything about your current work or send a message to the readers?

I am planning to write amusing children’s books that make learning a breeze.  I believe I have found a way to make a “times tables” book with bright pictures, puzzles, and riddles to help children remember their “times tables”.
My other children’s book, I am planning to write would have characters from outer space, to teach kids the basics of science. It would include a lot of hyperlinks, so they can click them to learn more advanced concepts.  I suppose if I had a mission statement, I would say: I am passionate about creating books to help children (and adults) learn new things, but help them enjoy the process!

Stephanie on Amazon
Stephanie’s YA book on Amazon
The Glow Faeries fb page


The Glow Faeries: Wee Stories & Wisdom
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