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A Farewell

on 17/06/2015

The following poem was written by yours truly exactly five years ago. You may not believe this, but if you’re a teacher who loves this job, no, not a job, but a vocation, then the end of school year (once the paperwork settles down and you remember your students’ faces)… aaah, the end of school year is a bitter-sweet symphony of joy, exhaustion and melancholy. Those people, as little or big as they may be, all those people are part of your life. They fill a part of you, challenge, push you to your limits, and always, always make you excell at everything! So it is difficult to say goodbye, no matter how tired and washed-out you may be, no matter how long and stressful the year may have been… What is more, the more complicated and stressful things may have been, the more you care.



My dear students!
After all these months
That we shared and enjoyed,
Taught and learned,
Whether eager or annoyed,
I have to admit
It is painfully true –
I’ll remember and miss
Each and every one of you!
You have been my challenge,
Sometimes difficult to bear,
My adrenaline rush,
My reason to care.
You’ve made me try to be
The best teacher that I could,
And pushed me to improve
As I knew that I should.
There were days when you simply
Couldn’t bear to hear my voice,
But you came and you listened
(as if you had much choice)…
There were times we had fun
And felt like we could change the world.
And you can, you’re the future –
Or haven’t you heard?
I won’t ask you to forget
Some lessons you despise.
Every lesson in life is useful;
This you’ll soon realise.
I will always be proud
To have had this time with you,
To have met you and taught you,
To have learned so much from you.
So wherever life may lead you,
Whatever you may choose,
Be true to yourself –
That’s what you should never lose.
Never be too old
To learn something new
And never be too young
to teach someone, too.
And one day in the future
While you’re walking down the street,
And I’m older and grey,
And we accidentally meet…
Whether you’re alone,
Or with friends or family,
I hope you proudly say:
‘That’s my teacher, you see!’



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