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Across The Threshold

on 18/06/2015

Sneak peek, anyone? Here’s a peek into my e-book TheThreshold


He grabbed the microphone like a rock star, flashing his initial-engraved signet ring along with yet another charming smile, oozing with confidence. He was every bit extravagant as his money allowed him, but always with style, never quite breaking the line between over-accessorising and good taste.

‘Well, I must admit it has been quite interesting. Quite challenging, indeed. However, being a businessman of action, as anyone who knows me will verify, I’ll get to the point quickly. I, and only I, so I take full responsibility for this – I have chosen these five incredible people. And they are as follows, in a completely random order, the Fabulous Five! The brave Sarah Peterson, the proud Jack Benton, the mesmerising Caroline Sharron, the charismatic Ben Wartawsky and the intriguing Mike Simmons! They will be flown to the city tomorrow morning, by private chopper flight, naturally…’

As the screen was filling with the candidates’ photos, Mike wasn’t listening any more. He’d catch it all on reruns anyway later on. He’d never been chosen for anything in his life before. Well, to be honest, he wasn’t much of a joiner any way, but still, this announcement knocked him off his safe track, and stirred some quite unexpected emotions. His phone kept vibrating and ringing, his e-mail box filled up in seconds… It felt as if having been teleported unasked right into the middle of a busy beehive.


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    If like suspense and mystery, you have to read it.


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