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Bragging? Who – me??? Well…

on 24/06/2015

Just a little bit…


Getting good reviews for your books feels kind of like hearing someone praise your children. There’s such a thin line between pride and vanity, isn’t there;)?

But allow me some pride, and I will try to refrain from vanity;)!


My first novella, you know! First self-published book!


And yes, I did enjoy writing it. (I would edit some things now, but shhhhhh, don’t tell anyone)…


Winky? What can I say about Winky? I’ve told his story to so many children these last years, I feel as if he were a house pet in the least, you know!

Anyway, glad people like my stories. I know not everyone will. I read a lot, and not even I like everything I read. But every book can teach us something. Every book is treasure in its own right. So read on!

And  huge thank you to all the people who take time to read the books and leave reviews! It means a lot!

2 responses to “Bragging? Who – me??? Well…

  1. Great reviews Anita! Congrats!


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