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Head above water

on 27/06/2015


By Anita Kovačević

There is a little giant
Hidden inside your heart.
He is good and fun,
And kind and honest,
And powerful and brave.
He is your secret,
But he is not your shame.
He is your secret weapon.
He is your superpower.
You have to let him do his job.
Just let him shine within you
And lurk through your eyes.
And no bad words,
And no violence,
And no illness
Will harm you.


This poem is one of my contributions in the Inner Giant project started last spring to raise awareness of bullying, cyberbullying, abuse, and violence, and the overwhelming fact that many dare not speak about those problems, but keep it secret, ashamed and depressed. It is so important to talk about it, to share experiences and help each other find our own inner strength, inner giant, to face the problem and deal with it. And I am not talking only about children.


Abuse and bullying are not our favourite summer topics. But helping someone deal with them, helping awake someone’s inner giant CAN save lives.
Even during the making of this project, all of us involved experienced a positive change around us, and found people opening up to us, unloading burdens that they had been carrying around for months, some even years. It makes this book worth your attention. Help people keep their head above water, and they will swim on.


I hope some of you make time to share this post and download this book. It consists of 400 pages of stories, essays, poems, photos and illustrations by educators and artists from around the world. All proceeds will go to charity! The book is available here – Inner Giant. The following review says more about the book than I could.


It would mean so much if you left a review! Do share the project with friends, family members and educators! It is worth it.


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