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INNER GIANT e-book project – my review no.22

on 27/06/2015


Some books do not offer an escape from reality, but they do help you deal with reality, and inspire you to help others do the same. This is one of such books.

Bullying and abuse in all their forms are never an easy topic, will not make your summer more fun, and a book about it may not be something you would give someone as a gift with a shiny bow and in colourful wrapping paper. But the point is – this book talks about such difficult topics through stories (many based on true events), essays, poetry, illustrations, paintings, photos and songs, and even worksheets and project ideas for classroom use.

The main goal of this book is to help people realize that being bullied or abused is not something you should be ashamed of, but something that must be dealt with. It inspires people to help those around them, be they the bullied or even bullies seeking attention, as well as to help themselves, by awakening our inner giants, our inner strength, the kindness we all possess. Being one of the contributors, I may be biased in my review, but I have already seen its positive effect on people as it was being created.

There is something for everyone in Inner Giant, and whether you are a teacher, any kind of an educator, a parent or a grandparent, you will find something in this book to share with your family and friends, and especially those we cherish the most, and should protect the most – our children.


Inner Giant e-book available on Amazon

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