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WHAT BUGS YOU? – by Anita

on 07/07/2015


This is a new series of posts. It is not about books. It is about life and how we see it, and what bugs us most.

I have invited several authors as guests to write about issues which bug them a lot in life. Nobody will write to solve world peace, although you know we would if our words could. They will be venting off, blowing off steam, perhaps preach a little, perhaps cry out for help. We all need to do that sometimes, don’t we? I have used my prerogative of asking them not to go political on me. On you. These people are all passion, respect and dedication, so I am sure their posts prove to be a joy to read and make us all think, feel, and perhaps do something about it. As a mere accent on the pun in the title, each guest will also have a bug picture attached to their post. All similarities to real people are purely coincidental. Or perhaps not.

Well, time to be a good host and break the ice. Here is what bugs me…

The Dream Vultures

Yes, absolutely, this is what bugs me most in life. In all areas of life. The Dream Vultures! You all know them, right? People who feast on your dreams, who nibble away at you when you are most vulnerable…

Are they born or created by the world we live in? A bit of both, I think, but it makes no difference to the Dreamers. The Dream Vultures will disguise themselves in wonderful colours and entice you with sweet words, and you, the Dreamer, will open up and share. And they cannot help themselves, or will not. They must crush your dream, whatever means necessary. It happens in schools (remember the Pygmalion complex?), at work (oh how many times, starting with your first interview), on buses (with people you don’t even know), in the media (with people we all think we know), even in some families (with people we do know). They do their dance around you and nibble, nibble, nibble, drooling away at every sign of weakness, every tear, each sigh. They plot and deceive, and take their time, grinning through feigned smiles, patting you on the shoulders, their claws tasting the flesh. They feel empowered by your weakness. They feel superior.

But what it is – is cowardice. Pure and simple! It is the ancient routine of attack being the best line of defence. You think they can smell your fear? Sure they can. They relish it! But they can smell the rosebuds of your strength growing, and this horrifies them. You have a dream! They don’t. And you want to realize your dream! What if you make it? Then you might become stronger than them, and they just won’t have it. No way!

Being a Dreamer makes you vulnerable. You have so much to lose, because you care. This is your weakness. Or is it? It is just a trick of the eye. The eye sees what it wants to see. The soul does not. The Dreamer’s soul gives him immense power. The Dream Vulture’s soul is shrivelled. So he doesn’t have that power.

Being a Dreamer makes you powerful. You have so much to gain, because you care. So when you see the Dream Vultures coming, tire them out! Keep dreaming! Remain true to yourself! No better natural pesticide for such nasty creatures! There will always be Dream Vultures. But there will always be Dreamers, too. Always.


PS: See the little ladybird on the image? It probably always dreams of doing something important, despite its size. I am a Dreamer. Seeing a ladybird is a sign of luck for me, gives me hope, scares away the Dream Vultures. So for me, the ladybird’s dream has come true.


8 responses to “WHAT BUGS YOU? – by Anita

  1. What bugs me more than anything is greed and corruption. Instead of working in harmony with each other, we constantly find ways to undermine one another, belittle, cheat and mistreat. We are all going to the same place someday, well maybe not all the same place the way things look to be going hopefully, so why not be supportive instead of antagonistic. kind instead of crude and fair instead of two-faced. it sure would make our stay on this earth a lot more pleasant if we treated each other and our environment kinder. We keep hearing we can not take it with us so why not at least leave things for our next generation a bit better than we find them now. That is what everyone on this planet should be striving for !

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  2. Lizzi Newton says:

    I love the term “Dream Vultures”. It’s an excellent description of these birds of prey. I’m glad your dream came true. We are richer for your writings.

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  3. fig000 says:

    My mother was one of them. I think they make them in factories in New Jersey, in the meadowlands. If you’ve ever seen the meadowlands you’d understand.

    My mother was the stereotypical cinematic Jewish Mother. I once told her I wanted to write and used Wayne Dyer as an example: he had a dream job as a professor at NYU (big stuff!). He decided that he wanted to write a self help book, quit his job and told his wife what he planned to do. He went from little town to little town with his book, getting on any radio or television show he could find.

    So what did my mother say after this inspiring story?

    “Maybe he had something to offer?” (the implication being that I didn’t).

    The dream vultures are frightened by dreams. They are gray areas that are not readily controlled. If the world is flat and non-volatile it is safe.


  4. debmcewan says:

    Great post Anita, I’m with you and all the other positive people out there. The Dream Vultures can’t bear to see dreamers rising above them. They want us with them, in their sea of despair and loneliness.

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