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HOW TO LEAD A SATISFYING LIFE by Shiv Harsh – my review no.25

on 09/07/2015

Breathe, think and live a better life

Sometimes you just need to read some non-fiction, and you don’t want it to be the newspapers, historical facts or guidebooks. You want it to be relaxing, inspiring, and you want it to make you think, but not burden you.

This book is told from a very interesting perspective – explaining the Gita in everyday life situation and terms, as the author Shiv Harsh sees it. It made me remember the saying that you never know anything really well till you are able to explain it in very simple terms. The author manages that admirably. Whether you know the writings or not, whether you are a religious person, or simply a person who likes a pro-active outlook on life, this book will be a good read for you. Although, I have to say, this book would stand its ground even without references to the Gita.

It may not solve the world’s issues, or your life’s, because it does not profess to do so at all. Do not expect bombastic, magical solutions. It does not preach religion, it does not lay blame, it does not release you of any guilt, nor does it tell you everything will be alright. But if your mind sometimes feels like muddy waters, this will definitely help you clear it out. What I especially like about it is that, despite its seeming brevity, it is so packed with thoughts and lines, that it will make you stop, pause, think and rethink. If you want to get this book’s true worth, you will not rush through. Even if you do, you will probably re-read soon enough. I kept wondering if the world would be a dull place if we all had our emotions under control, if we all really persevered in this perfect serenity and moderation. It definitely is something to strive for, for the sake of our own peace. Doing what we dream off doing, no excuses, no delays. Being who we are, respecting what others are. Keeping a healthy mind and soul in a healthy body because we can, not thanks to pharmaceuticals… To be completely honest, there were places in this book where I found myself, and I didn’t really want to. But it made me think. The lessons in the final summary all make sense.

I know several people I will recommend this book to. Not to preach, but to inspire them to pause, take a deep breath and decide what they want to remove from their lives, and what to keep steering in or toward. Bit by bit, life by life, is how the world CAN change. We may as well try!


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