Anita's Haven

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on 10/07/2015


My head pounds heavy
With the grains of time’s sand
Sifting without mercy,
Sand layering my throat.

My heart feels trapped,
Pressed in a corset,
Time pulling the strings
Tighter and tighter.

I would scream,
If I had the breath.
I would shout,
If my mouth wasn’t so dry.

The vice crushes my lungs,
Bit by bit as I fight it,
Yet I know not to budge,
But stay true to my dream.

My soulcage is horror,
Metalic and cold,
And my timer is ticking,
Ticking, keeps ticking…

The time to act is now,
And I know this will pass.
I just hope I break free
Before Time passes me by.



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