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Crossing The Threshold

on 02/08/2015

All this seemed so impossible over a year ago…. and now, there is so much room to improve, advance, create…
Check out this book on Goodreads: The Threshold

Just felt like thanking anyone and everyone who helped, pushed, dragged and supported me long the way♡



3 responses to “Crossing The Threshold

    • Thank you so much, Marcia, but I am not only talking about the book. Don’t you stop sometimes and think back to the times you wrote stuff and nobody knew about it? And now… not like we’re rich or famous, but at least we can always say: ‘Yes, I tried. I published a book. And people outside my family actually read it!’

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    • webermartins says:

      You Know I started writing when I was a teenager, poems and short stories, that I have to confess, I was ashamed to let other people read. Afraid that people would laugh of my stories. And one day I decide to try. I’m proud of myself. And all of us should be proud of our work. We had the courage to try, regardless the critics.

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