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HEALTHY SALAD COOKBOOK by Anita Hanson – my review

on 10/08/2015


Try some!

It is amazing how many combinations for salads there are, which is probably why I have always loved them. I downloaded this book, hoping for some new ideas, inspiring me to improve my eating habits.
The cover is really inviting, there is a nice little surprise awaits on the very first page, and the table of contents is most useful as it divides the recipes according to the time necessary for preparation.

The book consists of lots of simple-to-follow recipes for fruit and vegetable salads, some more common, some unusual, and the layout is similar to my mother’s notebook cookbook – list of ingredients and what to do, without too many complications. I would like to see some photos, not necessarily to improve the recipes but simply to add the chef’s personal touch, make the reader’s mouth water and want to eat it, but some of the recipes are quite interesting by themselves. The carrot-raisin-cinnamon combo, for instance, sends the alluring scents up my nose just by reading it. It would be really fun to see what creative names the author could come up with for the salads, sort of like cocktails, and I’d also like to read a bit about the origin of each salad or a brief anecdote to spice the book up (frog eye salad must have an intriguing back story), or some health tips on what certain ingredients are good for.

What I am very grateful for is the simplicity of explanations – not turning salad making into rocket science, but plain and easy to make. I will definitely try some recipes (the strawberry-feta attracted my eye), as I like the abundance of healthy combinations.

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